Samsung SVMI 8 - Cadence Voicemail Card for DCS and IDCS 500

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Samsung SVMI 8  - Cadence Voicemail Card for DCS and IDCS 500
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Samsung DCS-SVMI 8 Port Voicemail


SVMI-8 System


This card is a plug in voice mail or auto attendant card for the DCS, IDCS 500 or the DCS Compact II telephone system.


It can be used as a Auto Attendant card only, a Voicemail card only or both.


No additionly lines or power cables are needed as it receives its power through the telephone system


Only one voicemail card can be added to the system at any one time


Voice Mail Features


The voice mail system allows the caller to leave a message if the called stations are unavailable.


Calls can be routed to other extensions or directly to the voicemail service (busy, no answer or all the time).


A custom greeting can be set up with the owner's own voice from which the caller can then leave a message.


The mailbox owner will be able to access their mail from any of the DTMF phone locations.


Auto Attendant Features


This feature works by automatically answering incoming calls then by which a custom greeting will be played to the caller alongside some dialing instructions.


Normally, it is set up so that the caller can press certain digits on the phone so that they are redirected to the correct department or person in the company.


This system is used mostly to replace a systems operator by answering the calls with pre-recorded greeting by which the caller can then choose the appropriate avenue to go down.



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