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Telephone Store can provide your Business with FREE ISDN 2e / 30e Phone Line Installation

Telephone Store are one of the UK’s leading providers of Business Telephone Lines and are one of very few Telecoms Companies offering UK Businesses FREE of Charge ISDN 2e Installation worth up to £1,000.

We offer a choice of FREE ISDN 2e or ISDN 30e Telephone Line Installation so that your business can enjoy crystal clear voice calls subject to agreeing to work and stay with our company for three years.

Features and Benefits of ISDN 2e and ISDN 30e :

Crystal Clear Voice Lines

ISDN provides your business with exceptional call quality. ISDN 2e is the right way to go when your business needs between two and eight lines. If you need eight or more Voice Telephone Lines then ISDN 30e is required.

Direct Dial In Numbers (DDI)

A range of DDI numbers will allow you to allocate a unique telephone number to each member of staff. The amount of DDI numbers you can allocate to an ISDN 2e circuit is more or less limitless.

Using ISDN Telephone Lines to run Multiple Companies

One of the most useful functions of ISDN is the ability to run multiple businesses through a Single Telephone System.

In conjunction with our Panasonic and BT Versatility Telephone Systems, you are able to assign a DDI Number to one of your companies and then program the Telephone System to display that company name on the telephone display. This could essentially allow you to run many businesses out of the same location by simply assigning a different Telephone Number to each company. This is a very cost effective and efficient way of managing Telephone Line Cost.

Caller Identity

Caller Identity is an important feature compatible with ISDN 2e and ISDN30e. Caller ID will provide you with the incoming caller’s number (as long as the caller is not with holding their number). Caller ID (normally referred to as CLIP) is what you need to order alongside your ISDN 2e connection. Telephone Store always order this feature as standard with our ISDN Telephone Line Installations.

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Free Telephone Line Installation


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